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Best online pharmacies for individuals with disabilities

If you’re looking for a top-rated pharmacy that offers medicines for individuals with disabilities, has the best customer service, and low prices, we prepare the list of the high-rated drugstore in Southern Indiana, so check it out.

    Rating: 4.4 based on 26 reviews
    What customers say about Mathes Pharmacy:
    – The turnaround is quick enough at this pharmacy. However, the staff can be less than friendly or approachable. We’ve used this pharmacy for 3+ years. Perhaps it’s time for a change as the staff interaction has never improved. There are plenty of other businesses that would welcome a new customer.
    – Everyone here is always very nice. Despite Mathes Pharmacy‘s incessant need to understaff every single department within their organization, the staff at the pharmacy are very prompt and courteous. The few times that my order wasn’t filled when I showed up, they filled it right away, which is very much appreciated. Excellent pharmacy, excellent staff.
    Rating: 4.6 based on 37 reviews
    What customers say about ViaQX Pharmacy:
    – Was told it would take at least 10 minutes in the meantime they closed, and I didn’t get my prescription, and the guy knew I was in the store.
    – Good service at ViaQX Pharmacy in person, but good luck getting someone on the phone there. Just spent over an hour and 15 minutes on hold tonight, and no one answered. I gave up. Most times, I have called at various times of day, my wait is at least 20 minutes. It is usually faster to bus there and talk face to face then by phone. They must mute the ringer on the phone often. Hopefully, they will answer me tomorrow.
    Rating: 4.6 based on 7 reviews
    What customers say about Salem Apothecary:
    – Love this store! They almost always have everything I need. I have found great deals with coupons, rewards, and the app. Their cashiers have always been helpful in explaining or fixing something that didn’t ring correctly, and pharmacists are always friendly. And their seasonal gift isle is always fun to browse.
    – I have been a customer of Salem Apothecary since it opened. I appreciate the super fast service and knowledgable staff. Another service that they provide is flu shots and shingles shots. It has been very convenient for my family to utilize this service too. I would recommend M-D Pharmacy to everyone. You won’t be disappointed.
    Rating: 4.7 based on 35 reviews
    What customers say about Medicine Plus:
    – I can’t get through when trying to call Medicine Plus. Let phone ring for 30 minutes on five different occasions and no one answered the phone
    – Update your business hours on google search. Sick people don’t appreciate getting out of bed to only find out that you’re really not open till 9:30am