Celebrating the Love!

We all celebrated Valentines Day in different ways, then shared our stories the following day. We partied and played, danced and sang

Also, below are a few of the “celebrities” from ACES that entertained us with a musical skit at holiday time. Pictured are Aretha Franklin (Kathy), Glen Campbell (John), Kiss (Alice) and Madonna (Sue Ann).

Kathy as Aretha Franklin
Alice as a KISS band member
John as Glen Campbell
Sue Ann as Madonna

New Hope Celebrates The Holidays

On December 7, everyone in ACES put on an elaborate skit for families, visitors, and staff. They dressed in a variety of costumes and performed familiar songs from early American folk tunes to rock n’ roll. The audience was invited to sing along, and everyone was thrilled when some famous “stars” showed up – Madonna was there, along with Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Willie Nelson and more! Needless to say, it was a hit. 

ACES (Adult Community Empowerment Services) is a day program for adults with developmental disabilities. They enjoy activities that help them learn and develop social and other skills.

Jeffersonville Firefighters New Hope staff presented training in Autism response

Kelley Kendall, Direct Support Manager, and Hope Huling, Director of Adult Services, provided 3 days of training: Autism in Emergencies: Preparing First Responders for the entire Jeffersonville Fire Department in August.

The training will help them recognize Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and anticipate and be prepared for challenges associated with ASD, and increase interaction success with individuals who have ASD.