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Pono I Ka Hale was formed in the Puna district of the Big Island of Hawai‘i in December 2012 as a place-based community resource to perpetuate Wellness in Action. It fulfills the community-based health and wellness needs that are outside the realm of Caring Hands massage therapy.

We share health education and resources and promote Wellness in Action with Big Island residents and guests from our home base in Hilo and many other temporary locations.

The Big Island has abundant resources, and we find that learning is most fun, inspiring, and effective when we learn in the appropriate environment for each experience. Place-based means that the location of events will differ, based on what makes the most sense. For example, ‘ulu TLC will occur at the overgrown ‘ulu forest at Green Lake.

The Mobile Wellness in Action Clinics occur monthly at different locations throughout the Big Island, based on where we believe lots of people will be at that particular time so students can work on rapport building through community involvement.


We envision healthy, happy, thriving communities and environments. Our network of place-based learning centers provides students with a variety of settings to inspire their personal and educational growth as well as opportunities to enhance the health of the Big Island of Hawai‘i and beyond.


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Public health practitioners focus on the preventive measures that people should have taken to avoid chronic diseases that impair the quality or length of life. This basically consists of increasing physical movement and eating more fruits and veggies. However, the knowledge is often provided late by health care workers and without the tools to implement the information, so it cannot be used.

This gap of what we know and how we can use it to have better health was really bothering us and as more of our family members and friends were suffering from diabetes, heart disease and cancer (skin, throat, lung, prostate, bladder, cervical, breast, stomach, liver, pancreatic, brain) we were called to action.

We wish to help progress the “norm” to be accessible, timely, adequate health information and the tools to make it work for everyone that chooses to participate! We aim to increase participation by demonstrating Wellness in Action and its benefits: utilization and appreciation of existing resources!

We love to share health, nutrition and gardening education and we can tailor the information for people no matter their age, level of self-awareness or English proficiency.

We provide free food seedlings and gardening education to interested people and if invited, we can have an on-site consultation or work party for a prospective garden. Participating in our food system is the easiest way to achieve health and have access to affordable, delicious and nutritious food!