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Ability Services

Attendant Care and Homemaker Services

These services provide assistance to meet the daily living needs of someone who requires support to care for themselves or their home independently. Attendant Care services can include assistance with cooking, eating, bathing, hygiene, and errands. Homemaker services include dusting, sweeping or mopping, cleaning the bathroom, washing clothes, bed making, and lawn care.

Here we have a New Hope direct support staff member, Payton Durbin, with her grandmother, Joyce, a New Hope resident at Aberdeen Woods. Through the Aged and Disabled Waiver, Joyce was able to begin working with her granddaughter to get the help she needs, while spending more time with the person she loves! We are thrilled to help Joyce stay self-sufficient in her home.

Our goal is to help our clients stay independent, happy and healthy in their own homes. Joyce said “If I had to clean, most of it wouldn’t get done! The New Hope staff help me stay in a cleaner environment.”

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