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Robbie’s Story

Robbie’s Story

Robbie has been coming to New Hope for a long time. His sister, Jeanie, brings him five days a week. He has a job in the Work Services program at New Hope Center.

He and his friends sit at long tables and count, roll and bag long, white plastic tubing for the Specialty Products Company in New Albany. He says, “We fill bins.” He is really proud when he has filled a whole bin and done his job well.

At 10:20 in the morning and 2:20 in the afternoon, it’s break time. All the clients go to the lunch room and have snacks and relax. On days that he doesn’t come to New Hope, Robbie takes his breaks at home at the same times, and he likes to go outside.

When he’s not at New Hope, he says he likes to “go to the Y. I have friends there.” He enjoys swimming in the therapy pool at the YMCA. He also loves sports: he likes to go bowling, and to football and basketball games; his favorite team is the New Albany Bulldogs.

Jeanie, who is on staff at New Hope, has been Robbie’s full-time caregiver for the past six years, when their mother passed away. She says, “New Hope has been great for us. I think everyone knows Robbie, and the staff truly cares about all clients who work and attend New Hope.”

Robbie is 45 and has a dog named Janie that he loves very much. When asked if he likes coming to New Hope, he smiles a bit and says, “Yeah.”

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