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Di and Kamila

Di and her baby Kamila came to our WIC office as a referral from their nurse practitioner. The duo was struggling to make breastfeeding successful. Di knew her daughter was getting taller but wasn’t gaining enough weight.


She knew WIC provided supplemental foods but never reached out because her family could afford groceries. She discovered that WIC also has breastfeeding experts. With one-on-one support, weekly visits, and a lot of care from her mom, Kamila began gaining weight without the help of formula. Di credits much of her success to the support from the WIC lactation staff.

Her nurse practitioner agrees. The extra support for families is tremendous. WIC is more than just formula, she said. She counts on WIC to provide nutrition and breastfeeding support for her patients that qualify for the program.

Her office routinely refers to WIC when a family is in need of more education or support than her office can provide. WIC has a positive environment and can provide more than I can in 15 or 20 minutes.Di has a simple message for other families considering WIC: Don’t be afraid or ashamed to reach out – WIC is more than milk and food. It is support to help you be the best mom you can be.Di and Kamila are just one of many families whose lives are improved because of the support and resources provided by WIC that extend beyond the clinic walls.

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