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Cricket’s Café owner Cheryl Koetter (in blue) with Cory (holding
the award) and her staff. From right, New Hope staff Tiffany
Nichols and Debra Sheffield, who is Cory’s job coach.

Cory Sumner has been employed at Cricket’s Café in Sellersburg for a year and a half. The owner, Cheryl Koetter, called New Hope looking for someone she could employ to wash dishes, clean, and generally help out.

The partnership has worked so well that Cricket’s Café was recognized as an Exemplary Community Employer. “Everyone loves Cory,” says Cheryl. “He’s a great worker; always shows up. We call him the CEO!”

Cory, now 22, graduated from New Albany High School and lives in Charlestown with his parents.
He likes to work, he says, and he likes earning a paycheck. He works part-time Sunday through Friday and has taken on more responsibility as he learned the routine at the café.

“Work is good,” he says, and likes cleaning up at the end of the day. “We have fun,” says Cheryl, who likes to brag about Cory’s accomplishments. “Cory was very shy and not really sure of himself or his abilities to do the job,” says job coach Debra Sheffield. “I’m very thankful for everything that all of their employees have done to help Cory grow.”

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