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Taylor Anderson

Mom is highly motivated for a better life.
Single mom at transitional home works toward a bright future.

Taylor Anderson, a single mother of 3-year-old Brayden, has already checked off several goals in her journey to a better future. “She’s a star client,” says her CAPS case manager, Amy Lewis. “She really is able to multitask really well. She has a lot of things going on between education goals and childcare needs, her employment goals. There are all these facets of daily life that she’s managing by herself with her little guy.”Last winter they were living at St. Elizabeth Catholic Charities, a nonprofit organization that helps young mothers and expectant mothers in New Albany. She and Brayden have their own room, their own bathroom. They only share a kitchen with one other resident. “It’s made my life better,” Anderson said. “It feels like a home. It’s safe here.”Already she’d found a job, enrolled her son in daycare and was preparing to start school at Ivy Tech Community College in January. That’s a stark contrast to the life she left behind in Louisville.“She’s willing to accept help,” Lewis noted. “I think sometimes that can be a real barrier to folks, but the fact that she took initiative herself to even call St. Elizabeth’s all those months back … she’s eager to make a real positive change for her future.”It didn’t take long for Anderson to get to work. She scored a job at the New Albany Floyd County Public Library, to where she walks when she has shifts. On Jan. 17, she began taking classes toward becoming a licensed practical nurse. She was also on the waiting list for subsidized housing through the New Albany Housing Authority. She hopes to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse and buy her own house. Brayden will attend school in Southern Indiana. “I’ve been really impressed by her,” Lewis said. “She has got the long-term vision, not just thinking month to month. She’s thinking, how can I posture myself better in the long term to live a sustainable, independent, successful life for herself and her son.”Story (abridged) and photo courtesy of News and Tribune, December 2016.

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