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The Caswell Family

The Caswell Family

Melissa Caswell drops off her son and daughter three days a week at New Hope Center. Matthew, 23, has been coming for two years and his sister Amber, 21, started in July.

Amber’s job is rolling and bagging long white tubes, while her brother has mostly worked on boxes for Walmart and Kitchen Compact. They both enjoy the friends they have made here and, Amber says, “getting a paycheck!” 

Matthew recently started working at a local Meijer store, assigned to shopping carts and trash. His first week, he worked 21 hours and was really excited about his larger paycheck.

His Employment Services job coach, Courtney Morgan, has worked with him to help him develop his skills. She says, “After just one week I can tell Matthew has developed social skills. Having a job in the community can really help someone grow and develop personally.”

Matthew and Amber have both benefitted from our Skills Training and Vocational Training programs, which help clients work on goals and develop skills for future employment in the community.

The family also participates in our Residential Services program, which among other things offers weekly group meetings and outings. This summer they enjoyed swimming at Deam Lake, walking the Big 4 Bridge, and a cookout.

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