Impact Story - Renee

Renee Cook lost her job in 2020 due to the restaurant she worked at shutting down the dining room. Renee worked to maintain the dining room so customers could enjoy a clean environment. Renee has been unemployed since 2020 and decided in December 2022 she was ready to re-enter the work force. Renee worked with her employment consultant Brittney Nichols to come up with an employment goal during the discovery process. Together they worked on job skills and brought out Renee’s interests and strengths. Recently while doing an onsite career assessment at Panera Bread, Renee and Brittney spoke with the manager of the restaurant. They said they would love to hire Renee for their new store that is scheduled to open in March. Renee said she is “excited to get back to it.” She said Brittney “is a keeper” and she is thankful for Brittney’s assistance in finding a new position where she can be a part of competitive community employment. 

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