Year-Round Safety: Child Car Seats

New Hope offers regular car seat safety checks at The Commons in Jeffersonville and at Kids Place in Scottsburg.

Below, Jennifer Neff-Whitlow, certified in car seat safety, shows a new mom how to correctly install her new car seat. The one she came with had been recalled by the manufacturer.

New Hope Staff Member Jennifer Neff-Whitlow helps install child safety seat.


Upcoming dates are available on our website events page.

Family Services Block Party

Family Services Block Party: Fun for All!

This year’s Block Party was focused around summer safety, with different activities and information about safety: water and pool safety, sun, bug, bike safety, etc. Activities included water games, create your own first aid kit, sunscreen, healthy snacks, water, family play station, a giant Connect 4, bubbles, mini “bug” bowling, and much more.

Vendors included LifeSpring, Anthem, B&C Farms (Farmer’s Market), Clark Memorial Hospital, Jeffersonville Police, Family Health Centers, Community Action of Southern IN, MDWise, Moms Demand Action, and the Kona Ice truck. More than 150 people enjoyed the day.

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Eating Healthier Pays Off

We recently received encouraging news about a family’s healthy eating success story. New Hope Services employee, Megan Holl, who is the WIC Clinic Manager in Jackson County, had this to say about the experience:

Last month I had a mom and her 3 year old son come into the office for his mid-certification appointment. At his appointment in December, he had a low iron level of 8.3. We spoke about foods she could add to his diet to increase his iron level and I also suggested she let his doctor know about the low iron level as well. I checked his iron level at this appointment and it was 11.4, which is what we consider normal.

I congratulated the mother on his increased iron level and she was extremely happy because she said they had been working really hard on eating a healthier diet with iron-rich foods. The mom even said

“When we are at the grocery store, he asks if different foods are high in iron before we put them in the shopping cart.”

The family has been trying to eat better as a whole to support their son and as you can see they are doing a great job. The mom was very proud of her son and their hard work and so was I. It was a very nice appointment!

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WIC Program Coming to Austin Opening Thursday, August 3

New Hope Services will begin offering Women, Infants and Children (WIC) services in Austin, IN beginning on Thursday, August 3, 2017. WIC assists parents of children under age 5 with referrals to community resources, nutrition counseling, basic health screens and fresh, nutritious foods.

New clinic location:

485 Mann Avenue
Austin, IN 47102

Open Thursdays, 10AM-5PM Call or text, 812-595-4851

Walk-ins welcome!

New Hope Commons Now a “Safe Place” site

We are pleased to announce that New Hope Commons has been named a Safe Place. Located at 1302 Wall Street, the Commons is near Clark Memorial Hospital and houses our Family Services programs.

Safe Place is a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people in need of immediate help and safety. Nearly 20,000 community and business locations nationwide include libraries, YMCAs, fire stations, grocery stores, public busses, and social service facilities.