Renee and Brittney

Impact Story – Renee

Impact Story - Renee

Renee and Brittney

Renee Cook lost her job in 2020 due to the restaurant she worked at shutting down the dining room. Renee worked to maintain the dining room so customers could enjoy a clean environment. Renee has been unemployed since 2020 and decided in December 2022 she was ready to re-enter the work force. Renee worked with her employment consultant Brittney Nichols to come up with an employment goal during the discovery process. Together they worked on job skills and brought out Renee’s interests and strengths. Recently while doing an onsite career assessment at Panera Bread, Renee and Brittney spoke with the manager of the restaurant. They said they would love to hire Renee for their new store that is scheduled to open in March. Renee said she is “excited to get back to it.” She said Brittney “is a keeper” and she is thankful for Brittney’s assistance in finding a new position where she can be a part of competitive community employment. 


Paul L. Feels at Home at NHS

Paul L. Feels at Home at NHS


Paul has been at New Hope for 28+ years and 20+ years in an apartment on his own. He realizes he is one of the most independent clients here. He is quiet and composed, with a smile that lights up his eyes.

What he enjoys most about New Hope, he says, are “all the different jobs, and staying busy. I like having a job to come to.” Paul also enjoys group activities such as classes, going to restaurants and other outings in the community. “I like learning things, like cooking, computer, and things to do in Louisville,” he says.

Twice a month a group goes to Louisville on an outing. He said they have visited places like the Frazier History Museum, art galleries, the Kentucky Science Center, and the Louisville Zoo.

Disability Employment Month

That Means Jobs!

Nick Neal loves his job at Mission BBQ!

“He’s about to celebrate his first work anniversary there, and he couldn’t be happier,” says his mom, Leslie Neal. Nick, 21, has Down Syndrome. When he aged out of another program, they chose New Hope to assist Nick with his employment goals.

Nick works the busy lunchtime, two hours a day, two days a week at Mission BBQ, with support as needed from New Hope Employment Consultants Lamar Paige or Dan Lentz. “And we love Debbie Sheffield,” says Leslie, “we’re so pleased.” Debbie is Lead Employment Consultant.

Nick is very proud to say, “I have a job,” and talks about “my money.” He also works a few hours a week at Orange Clover.

Leslie says that a job for Nick is a real blessing, and once people understand what he can do, they give him a chance. And once they get to know him, they love him. She also says he loves to pose for photos!

Disability Awareness Month in Jeffersonville

A group of individuals with disabilities and staff visited with Mayor Mike Moore recently at City Hall. He read and presented them with a proclamation that proclaims March 2019 as “Disability Awareness Month” in Jeffersonville.

Below, from left are Rebekah Lewellen, Direct Support Manager; Martha, Sharon, Mayor Moore, Paul, Elizabeth Boyd, VP/Director of Social Services; and Bonnie. They thoroughly enjoyed their visit and talked about things they were doing at New Hope.